Book Boxes for Classroom Use

 Book Boxes are a great way to supplement your classroom. A Book Box contains 30 copies of the same title and many also contain the book on CD for classroom listening. (List of titles)

  • Book Boxes may be reserved in advance for the following school year beginning August 1.
  • Book Boxes circulate for four weeks and must be put on a Teacher Card.
  • Teachers are limited to checking out two boxes at a time.
  • A Book Box can be renewed if it is not otherwise reserved by another teacher.
  • Please call the Children’s Room to put a Book Box on reserve.
  • Because of storage issues regarding Book Boxes, teachers must give at least 24 hours advance notice before a Book Box can be picked up.
  • If a Book Box is not picked up within three days it will be returned to the collection.
  • Teachers should make every effort to return the Book Box intact with all copies present. If this is not possible teachers should return missing copies to the Cuyahoga Falls Library as soon as possible. Teachers will not be charged for copies which are turned in late.

Each title in a Book Box is numbered on the cover. The number on the cover is to assist the Teacher in knowing which student has each book. Teachers should match numbers to students and keep a master list when the books are distributed to students.

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