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Freegal is a downloadable music service. You can download three songs per week, and they're yours to keep, forever. Just go to, log in with your library card number and PIN, and get started. You have access to millions of songs from Sony Music and smaller labels. Find pop, rock, country, jazz, classical, and many other genres. These are high-quality MP3s, with no restrictions on copying or transferring them.

A mobile app is available for Apple and Android devices. With the app you can download songs from Freegal and listen to songs you've downloaded through the app. You can transfer these songs to your computer (see the FAQ for details), though you might find it easier to just download them again on the computer: Freegal lets you download a song two more times within two weeks of the first time you download it, using the "recent downloads" feature.

Three Songs Per Week
You can download three songs per week, Monday through Sunday. (The counter gets reset Sunday at midnight.) You can download music videos for two of these three credits.

The App
You can get the Freegal Music app in the iTunes Store (for iOs) and on Google Play (for Android).

Click and Save
When you're ready to download a track, click the "Download Now" link, select “Save” at the prompt, and designate where you want to save the song. After that you can import it into your favorite music player software, transfer it to your MP3 player, or whatever you want.

Having trouble finding your band?
Bands that begin with "The" are alphabetized under the letter "T." Artist names that begin with numerals, quotation marks, or other non-alphabetic characters are at the very beginning of the alphabet, before "A".

Recent Downloads
Once in a while, your Internet connection may be interrupted or time out and you might experience an incomplete or problem download. Freegal Music allows you to download previously downloaded songs again, without using up one of your weekly downloads, up to two additional times within two weeks of first downloading a song. Just select "recent downloads" at the top of the Freegal site.

Use the Smart Search box for suggestions when you know the name of the album, artist, or song. As you type into the search box, a list of possible artist names, track names, or album names will drop down from the search tool. Click on one of the suggestions to access tracks from only that artist. If you type in a word and hit enter without selecting a suggestion, the search results will include anything that has that word in the track, name, or album.

Use the Advanced Search to search by composer or genre, as well as by artist, song, or album.

Problems Logging In
You won't be able to use Freegal if there's more than $5 in fines on your library card or if your library card is expired. Also, teacher loan cards cannot be used with Freegal; teachers will need to use their personal cards.