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Read full digital copies of your favorite magazines on your computer, tablet or mobile device. Just sign up for the magazines you want using a web browser, then read them on the web or with the free Zinio app.

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How to Use Zinio

You'll need to create two accounts (logins): a Falls Library-Zinio account tobrowse the collection, as well as a free Zinio.com account for subscribing to and readingmagazines online or delivering those magazines to a Zinio Reader app on your computer or mobile device.

New user?  Follow these steps to create your Falls Library-Zinio account.

  1. Click or tap the following link to Register & Create Account
  2. If prompted, enter your library card number and press Submit, then select Cuyahoga Falls Library and press Submit.
  3. Click or tap the Create Account! button, enter the required information, and select Create Account. An activation link will be sent to your email account.
  4. Click on the Activation Link in the email you receive  to confirm your account.
  5. Click on the Login link on the account confirmation screen to begin browsing the collection.

Returning User?  Follow these steps to browse using your Falls Library-Zinio account and subscribe by creating a free Zinio.com account.

  1. Log in with your Falls Library-Zinio account.
  2. Use the navigation tools to find and subscribe to magazines.
  3. After you select your first magazine in the Falls Library Zinio Collection, a second browser window will open to Zinio.com.
    -- First-time users: Follow the link to create a free Zinio.com account.
    -- Returning users: Select the Login link and log in using your Zinio.com account info.
  4. After subscribing to a magazine, read it online or deliver it to a Zinio Reader app. 

View the complete online User Guide for more information.

Need Help? Contact Recorded Books at ziniosupport@recordedbooks.com